My name is Elise Nimmo and I am an artist for everyone, based in Horwich, Bolton.

I offer bespoke work made to your exact specifications of the highest standard.  Please take a look over my website and view some of my commission pieces.

I’m trained in art and also in animal management and behaviour which gives me an edge in understanding animals and their personalities. I have enjoyed creating art of all kinds; horse, dog, cat portraits etc, as well as having the pleasure of producing portraits of people ……and, of course I love to paint scenes and buildings. Such is my ability that I was able to produce a piece that showed the honeymoon beach for a recently married couple.

If you have an idea for bespoke artwork, I am an artist who can make that idea a reality.  CONTACT ME now with your idea and allow me to create something for you that will make that special memory last a lifetime.

Thank you



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